Task. Google-Map "UNO missions" (Google-карта "Миссии ООН")

Hello, my friends from Group № 1!

Your task is to create Google-Map "UNO Missions nowdays" (Карта- google " Текущие миротворческие миссии ООН в современной время")

Before starting, read and study the Instruction "How to create your own Google-Map" or "How to use Google-Map"

1) You have already studied Mulrimedia Scrapbook and Treasure Hunt
"UNO Missions" is one of the main questions that are decribed there.
2) To sum up your idea about 'UNO Missions now', fill in the table.Use Russian because you will be able to use this table and the Map on History Lessons.
3) Then load your table into Google Map (Follow the Instruction!)
4) Design your Map according to  Criteria.
5) If you are ready, put your link into the Table-plan. Appreciate your work (Оцените свою работу)! 

Good luck!

My congratulations!

Map "UNO Missions nowdays" is ready! Your Map is perfect! Thanks, Group № 1!

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