суббота, 26 апреля 2014 г.

What makes the world beautiful

I think that these things can make the world and you better:

  • Warm and trustful relationships in family
  • Friends you can rely on in difficult situations
  • People (friends or relatives) you can have fun with
  • The possibility to travel so you can learn about different cultures
  • The possibility to communicate with people of different cultures and to broaden your horizon
  • The ability of people of different cultures to be tolreant of things they don't like
  • The ability to accept the idea that "different" doesn't mean "bad"
  • The opportunity to choose a career
  • The opportunity to choose hobbies like sports or music
If  you know such things else than write them in comments

2 комментария:

  1. I would add to these items else:
    - The education of morality and goodness in people with childhood;
    - The greening the our planet.

  2. In my opinion, the world will be better if people will respect each other and live in peace.

    Written by Neunivahina Arina