воскресенье, 6 апреля 2014 г.


Peacemakers are willing to do:

1.to build peace on the planet;
2.to fight againts terrorism;
3.to help people who suffered from armed conflicts;
4.to settle self-determination conflicts;
5.to stop violence;
6.to organise pease forums;
7.to make all governments observe human rights.

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  1. Organization "Standby team" was founded in 2008.

    Its goals:.
    1. Buillding confidence between parties
    2. Finding a balance of power.
    3. Addressing a source of conflicts.
    4. Making peace more sustainable.
    5. How to deal with competing visions of a country.
    6. How to ceanse hostilities.

    In the organization there are 9 people: Sven Koopmans, Levent Bilman, Antje Herrberg, John Packer, Marie-Joelle Zahar, Michael Brown, Rina Amiri, Hassen Ebrihim, Jaffrey Mapendere.

  2. That the world was beautiful need:
    Respect the rights of others.
    To save forests, rivers.