пятница, 21 марта 2014 г.

What is a conflict? Is war a conflict too?

Conflict! Battle! Wars! These words are awful, you know....

We told about this so much

What do you think now about conflict?

War is a conflict too?

Read information about origin of word "conflict". 

Let's discuss, my students.

3 комментария:

  1. In my opinion, conflict it's collision of people whose values, interests, purposes and wishes are different. Wars are a conflict also. It's violence and cruel action, who may lead to people's casualties, material losses, sufferings of many people. According to people's opinions, the conflict — the phenomenon always aggressive and it is necessary to avoid!

  2. I suppose,conflicts aren't just figths and battles. "Conflict" means disagreements too. Conflicts happen because people with different ideas, values and dreams come into colission. So, it`s why war is a conflict too. But conflicts can be not so agressive.
    I think, every war is a conflict,but not every conflict is a war.

  3. I think that the conflict - the clash of contradictions between people. The war also - the conflict, but bears bad consequences. For example,human casualties, poverty or chaos. It depends on its the species. Conflicts can be resolved by mutual agreement.