пятница, 28 марта 2014 г.

I'd like to be a member of Humanist organisation!

 There are humanist organisations in each country.

 They have common aim. What is it?

Would you like to join one of them? What organisation would you choose? Why?

Are there any humanist organisation in Novokuznetsk?

2 комментария:

  1. I’m a member of peaceful organization «Friendship is peace», I am from Novokuznetsk
    Our motto: «We always make peace»
    Aims of «FIP» are
    1) Make donation and help poor children
    2) Teach people how to resolve conflicts peacefully and prevent them.
    We invite you to join us!
    Be tolerant, confident, independent and happy.
    Let’s keep peace in the world together!

  2. Organization "Standby team" was founded in 2008.

    Its goals:
    1. Buillding confidence between parties.
    2. Finding a balance of power.
    3. Addressing a source of conflicts.
    4. Making peace more sustainable.
    5. How to deal with competing visions of a country.
    6. How to ceanse hostilities.

    In the organization there are 9 people: Sven Koopmans, Levent Bilman, Antje Herrberg, John Packer, Marie-Joelle Zahar, Michael Brown, Rina Amiri, Hassen Ebrihim, Jaffrey Mapendere.